Senior Policy Advisor

Dinna Prapto Raharja, Ph.D

Dinna is an academic, civil society activist, writer, consultant, adviser and trainer in public policy, political economics and diplomacy. She is known for her broad experience in initiating and establishing programmes in academic as well as social political realms. 

In academia she is a tenured Faculty Member at the Department of International Relations Binus University in Jakarta and certified lecturer of the Indonesian Ministry of Higher Education. She is the co-founder of Paramadina University’s Graduate Schools and Graduate School of Diplomacy in Jakarta, co-founder of Atma Jaya’s Institute of Public Policy, co-founder of the Center for Social Protection at the University of Indonesia, Co-founder of the summer programme on social protection on employment insurance at University of Gadjah Mada in Yogyakarta. She has extensively published academic books and articles, including Politik Jaminan Sosial (Politics of Social Protection) in 2012, Ambitious but Inadequate: Social Welfare Policies Under Yudhoyono in 2015, Book chapter: Learning from the Situation in Rakhine: Challenges of People Movement in the Region in 2017, and the upcoming book on Populism, Identity Politics and Erosion of Democracy: Reflection from Bali Civil Society and Media Forum 2018. She is a reviewer for journals of the Indonesian parliament. 

On the diplomatic front, she has served as Indonesia’s Representative to the ASEAN human rights body, ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (2016-2018), is regularly involved in one-and-a-half track and second-track diplomacy of Indonesia with the United States and Australia, plus she is also regularly involved in training of Indonesian and Timor Leste diplomats as well as Indonesian officials in various Ministries as well as the Bank of Indonesia. A speaker at various international forums across the world, she is also a major figure in the process of Indonesia’s reform in social protection. She led the Working Group on Health, Employment and Population in the Transition Team of President Joko Widodo and Jusuf Kalla 2014, and was member of the Working Group on Health in the National Team for Accelerating Poverty Alleviation (TNP2K) during Yudhoyono’s presidency. Moreover, she has remained attuned to the issue of social protection, being involved in winning various projects with the UNESCAP, WHO, GIZ (Deutsche Gesselchaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit), Knowledge Sector Reform, Friedrich Ebert Stifung, etc. 

She is now principal board member of Asian Vision Institute in Cambodia, senior policy advisor at Foundation for International Human Rights Reporting Standards (FIHRRST), Deputy Secretary General of CAPDI (Centrist Asia Pacific Democrats International), active member of Indonesian Economist Association (ISEI), and honorary member of Korea’s Political Science Association. She is the founder and lead of Synergy Policies, an institute and consulting company that connects the dots in public policies and provides executive training. 

Dinna graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Arts degree from the Department of Political Science of the Ohio State University (Columbus, Ohio, US), and a Bachelor in International Relations from the University of Indonesia.