Promoting Human Rights and Pluralism in Pesantren Jombang, East Java

Promoting Human Rights and Pluralism in Pesantren Jombang, East Java

“On 5-7 March 2018, FIHRRST, in collaboration with Lakpesdam PB NU, a Nahdlatul Ulama think tank, organised a short course for senior students at the traditional Islamic boarding school Pondok Pesantren al-Urwatul Wutsqo in Jombang, East Java. The course aimed to promote human rights, especially the understanding of religious freedom among pesantren students. Human rights education provided in this project also enabled these students to assess how human rights and the values of Nahdlatul Ulama can be integrated into their own lives.

This initiative received a positive response, not only from participants, but also from the boarding school management and local religious leaders. They expressed hopes that similar activities can be organized on a regular basis, for it helps students to broaden their knowledge on human rights, providing them with the understanding that based on basic principles, there is no conflict between human rights and Islam. Hence, it is important to integrate the experience into their own lives. 

The successful event was generously supported by the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives and was covered by online media outlets, such as,, and, as well as local newspaper such as The Jakarta Post, Investor Daily and Koran Jakarta.

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