Ratih graduated Cum Laude from Padjadjaran University, double majoring in International and Economic Law in 2018. She obtained her Master’s Degree from Tilburg University, majoring in International Law and Global Governance: Human Rights and Human Security. 


She wrote a thesis about Access to Remedy for Palm Oil Workers in Indonesia, in connection with the third Pillar of the UNGPs.


Ratih is a Business and Human Rights (BHR) consultant and has lead various projects on BHR at FIHRRST. She was also involved in conducting human rights due diligence for large companies in Indonesia in 2022. She was a trainer for UNDP’s B+HR Academy for Indonesian companies and a consultant to the UNDP B+HR Academy for assisting companies about human rights in one-on-one sessions. Ratih has also published several texts regarding business and human rights such as guidelines for HRDD in the pharmaceutical and technology industries. She also co-authored several things such as a white paper on the obligation of businesses to respect human rights in conflict situations, and an article in the Jakarta Post about the role of financial actors in advancing business respect for human rights.