Tequila holds a Dual Bachelor Degree in International Studies and History, with a concentration in Russia from University of Alaska Anchorage, a Master of Science degree in Counseling Psychology from Alaska Pacific University and Juris Doctor from New England Law|Boston, with concentration in Public International Law and Immigration Law. She had the fortunate opportunity to study European Labor Law, Asylum Law, and Human Rights Law at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. She is Programme Coordinator at FIHRRST, implementing the organization’s second and third pillar, Human Rights Cities, Vulnerable Persons and other Social issues. Tequila is also in charge of developing FIHRRST’s work in North Carolina, United States of America. 

Prior to commencing her work with FIHRRST, Tequila Bester had more than 15 years of professional experience working in civil society, addressing issues dealing with civil rights, disability and elderly rights, labor and employment advocacy, immigration, and mental health advocacy. She completed her legal clinical work at the Office of Massachusetts Attorney General, Civil Rights Division. Additionally, Tequila worked with a Massachusetts legal aid organization to ensure low-income clients gain access to benefits lawfully available to them, as well as helping Foreign Nationals navigate the United States immigration system. Previously, she worked for several Alaskan non-profit organizations helping members of marginalized groups such as those with a history of incarceration and/or substance abuse/dependency, poor mental health, and vulnerable women and children.