In more than 30 years spent as a senior executive and consultant, Alfonso Pagliuca has gained an extensive insight into business practices, particularly from the aspects of financial planning and business control.

Armed with a degree in economics and business administration, plus masters’ degrees in business administration and leadership management, he began his career in the banking industry in his native Italy, rising to be deputy head of the inspectorate office with Banca Popolare CP. This was followed by senior management roles in the fields of financial and business consultation in Italy, Romania and elsewhere.

At the turn of the millennium, Mr. Pagliuca began to transfer some of this valuable experience to the next generation, taking a lecturer’s role at Istituto G. Tagliacarne (the institute for the promotion of economic culture in Rome) lecturing on organization, finance and business strategy subjects.

In 2003, Mr. Pagliuca became a director of AJA Registrars, an independent third party registrar (certification body) operating from a global network of offices. Since then he has become President and CEO of AJA Europe (founded in 2011) and President of the AJA Academy that offers both approved courses in a range of certification disciplines from its headquarters in Rome and oversees the training provided by the Group’s subsidiaries in the rest of the world.

With deep concerns for underprivileged children and human rights, Mr. Pagliuca brings a wealth of understanding of the role that certification can play in enhancing human rights observance in the world of business.