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Our internship programme offers opportunities for recent graduates to participate in our mission to uphold, respect and protect the fulfilment of human rights in Indonesia and elsewhere. Focusing on business and human rights as our main field of expertise, FIHRRST allows you to work closely with various stakeholders in a range of fields that is rarely found elsewhere. One day you will work with high-level government officials, business leaders, chambers of commerce, and foreign embassies. On another, you will find yourself in the middle of intense discussion with grassroots civil society organizations, labour unions, international organizations, and academics. This unique opportunity, combined with inspiring leadership from our chair and founders, will equip you with valuable skills that will last a lifetime.

The chosen interns will work with us on some of the projects both as researchers and programme officers. These projects, among others, include:

  • Human Rights Standard for Fishing Industries in South-East Asia
  • Human Rights Due Diligence Studies and implementation
  • Human Rights Reporting and Studies
  • Sustainability Reporting and Studies

To help us succeed, we, therefore, expect the interns to have qualifications, as follows:

  • Recent graduates with bachelor’s or master’s degree
  • Any major (preferably in sustainability/CSR, law, environment, public policy, or business)
  • Interested to learn business and human rights as well as sustainability

Our interns come from diverse professional and educational backgrounds from both Indonesia and overseas.

The following is a list of interns who have already embraced the opportunity of working with us.

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