Promotion has the dual purpose of publicizing the whole concept of good governance and human rights, as well as the latest advances in the field of human rights with which the Foundation and other like-minded organizations have been involved. This will particularly, though not exclusively, concern matters as they relate to business enterprises and the three pillars of the Guiding Principles. Promulgation of this data will be carried out by a range of activities that the Foundation believes best suit the circumstances, including:

  1. Carrying out and/or participating in the development of dialogue and national, regional and global networks among scholars, researchers, professionals and experts in the field of human rights.
  2. Convening, either individually or in partnership with others, meetings, conferences, seminars, symposia, workshops, focus groups and other such gatherings to discuss and debate research results, various social conditions and issues, and questions of human rights in UN member states.
  3. Publication of books, reports, study results, research findings, journals, papers, columns, newsletters and other such publications in various formats and media that are not commercialized.
  4. Providing information concerning research results, social conditions and issues, human rights, rule of law, democracy, good governance, and peaceful resolution of disputes through the Foundation’s and other internet sites, as well as alternative media.
  5. Initiating and promoting local, national, regional and international cooperation among non-governmental organizations, scientific, research and educational institutions, the business community and governmental agencies to achieve the purposes and objectives of the Foundation, and to engage in cooperation with other entities and parties, both domestically and internationally.