Forbes Indonesia Magazine: Human Rights Development in Indonesia, Still Work In Progress

[This article was published in Forbes Indonesia magazine, June 2017, written by FIHRRST Co-founder, James Kallman].

Our co-founder, James Kallman, talks about human rights development in Indonesia in Forbes Indonesia magazine. Despite the fact that Indonesia still retains the death penalty in its judicial system, Kallman points out that Indonesia has made some notables advances in the human rights field. Such progress includes the acknowledgement of Bandung city as the world’s first accountable human rights city, mandatory human rights certification for companies in the fishery industry, and a change in terminology for “persons with disabilities” followed by a number of measures to better accommodate them in society. Human rights certification in the fishery industry and Bandung human rights city form part of our work at FIHRRST, reflecting the implementation of our first pillar, Business and Human Rights, and second pillar, Accountable Human Rights Cities, respectively.