Corporate activism amid Myanmar’s crisis

Corporate activism amid Myanmar’s crisis

Myanmar is once again governed by military junta after nearly ten years of civilian rule. Business entities impacted by the coup are likely assessing their risk management programs and long-term sustainability goals. In considering how to move forward, companies must not forget consumers.

Consumers understand that the situation in Myanmar is unacceptable. They overwhelmingly stand in solidarity with the citizens of Myanmar. And therefore, can and should use their leverage to demand integrity, transparency, and authentic action from businesses.

Companies are likely to engage in enhanced human rights due diligence to identify whether they are doing business, directly or indirectly, with companies that are known to be owned or controlled by the military services of Myanmar. And in the process, companies must also use their leverage to advocate for government policy changes based on social and moral issues.

By : Marzuki Darusman & Tequila Bester

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